Our Story

In 2015 C. Johnston had a vision of God’s people from around the world praying in unison for the protection and peace of Israel. He envisioned people having unique latitude and longitude coordinates on the Israel border that they would pray over on a daily basis. C. wasn’t sure how he would bring this vision into reality but had faith that God would make a way. Over the next three years, the Lord led us one-by-one into C’s orbit and placed a vision and mission on our hearts that was undeniable. Fast forward to today, and we have grown into a team of business, technology, creative and marketing professionals who are trying to follow God’s calling and use our gifts to serve Him. We hope that you share our vision and join us as we pray for peace in the middle east.

Our Logo

Our logo represents our mission of covering the Holy Land with prayer. The flame in the middle of the logo represents the Holy Land, where God appeared to Moses in the burning bush and where His Spirit in the form of smoke filled the Temple. The U shape around the flame represents the wall of prayers surrounding the Holy Land. Our colors come from the same color palette as the colors used in the Tent of the Meeting, where God’s spirit dwelt. The color blue representing Heaven, purple representing Royalty and Red representing Man and Sacrifice.

Our Name

Our name Wall of Prayer, which began two years ago as “Watchmen on the Wall”, was inspired by Trinity Christian Academy’s Wall of Prayer ministry, which was created for the purpose of covering every one of their students and faculty members in daily prayer. When parents and alumni sign up for the ministry, they are given the names of three students or faculty to pray for on a daily basis. Our hope is to someday honor the legacy of this great ministry by creating a version of our platform that can easily be used by schools, churches, neighborhoods, cities and beyond, to launch their own Wall of Prayer ministries.

If you would like more information about us, have ideas, or wish to partner with us, please contact us at: info@wallofprayer.org.